Tips for hosts

In order to offer the best experience to your visitors and increase your reputation in the community, Nok Nok CAFE wants to provide you with some tips:

To well receive your Guests, it starts with a clear and detailed Profile with photos of your Location and an attractive description to maximize your chances of booking requests. For the rest, be yourself by being open to cultural and intellectual exchanges while respecting your values and your visitor.

You have no special equipment? No need to be a great barista to know how to make a good coffee. Follow us on social media where we share "coffee info" and discover, for example, some great recipes to make with a simple coffee maker.

Set your prices according to the experience you will offer your visitors. Do not neglect anything, the experience you offer is unique. For example, if you are a painter and have your coffee while making your workshop open for visit, maybe your price will be higher than in an ordinary coffee shop...but your visitors will be delighted to pay a bit more!

Should I offer products that I do not consume? On average, we consume 3 different kinds of hot drinks individually. As part of Nok Nok CAFE it is recommended to have a variety of products in your menus (coffee, tea, juice, ... ..). Having said that, it is important that you respect your principles and life choices.

Hosts Advice

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