Standards of Service

We recommend that you CAREFULLY read Nok Nok CAFE General Terms of Use to gain a thorough understanding of the service.

1. Introduction

Nok Nok CAFE is the only platform enabling you to create relationships around a hot and friendly non-alcoholic beverage. It also helps you meet individuals locally and from everywhere around the globe. We connect Hosts and Visitors. Come have a coffee!

2. NNC Standard of Services

NNC Standards of Services are designed to ensure delivery of a quality service between Hosts and Visitors sharing the same friendly attitude. It also aims to select and acknowledge Hosts that receive Visitors. The Standard of Services is required to post NNC Meetings.

3. Location

The Host must provide NNC with all the necessary information to correctly inform Visitors having to go to the Meeting location such as complete street address, floor, intercom, accessibility (stairs, lift, access ramps), parking if applicable.

The Host agrees to receive Visitors in a location for which s/he possesses all authorizations. The Host will make sure that the Meeting location is adequately insured and secured against fire hazards among others.

NNC strongly recommends that the location include fire extinguishers and a first aid kit.

4. Greeting

The Host is open to multicultural exchanges and demonstrates a good attitude toward other individuals in the community. The Host doesn’t practise any form of discrimination, of any nature whatsoever. The Host is smiling, friendly and warm. The Host kindly greets Visitors and offers a selection of non-alcoholic beverages to his guests.

The Host makes sure to ask for and validate with the Visitors if they have any alimentary constraint, especially of a medical nature (like food allergies), BEFORE serving any beverage.

The Host cannot ask Visitors for any financial contribution, save those provided for the usage of the and its Applications.

The Host cannot use Nok Nok CAFE services to suggest Visitors to go or invite them to locations other than the one stated in the Host profile (restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, reception room, etc.) in which s/he may have a direct or indirect commercial or financial interest. Each location where the Host is planning to greet Visitors must be made public through an Announcement in the Host profile. The Host refuses to promote dangerous activities of any kind whatsoever (sports, sex, military, religious) that could violate the physical and moral integrity of the Visitors or other individuals.

5. Product Quality

The Host is fully responsible for the quality of the products that make up its menu. The Host must respect the hygiene standards necessary to hold a NNC meeting. The Host does not serve tainted food or food past its expiration date. The Host ensures the safety of the water and monitors boil water advisories as appropriate. The Host must ensure the freshness of the products as well as its storage as recommended by manufacturers and producers.

The Visitor must first warn the Host, through the profile including but not exclusively, of all food constraints, especially those of a medical nature (food allergy type) so that the host can provide food within those constraints during the NNC meeting.

6. Hygiene

The location of the meeting must be in good condition of cleanliness and hygiene. Parts seen by the visitor will be clean and tidy. The host must provide the Visitors with a least one restroom and the opportunity to wash their hands.

The dishes you use must be of good quality and homogeneous. The dishes will not be chipped, perfectly clean and of high quality.

Furniture will be clean, comfortable and safe

7. Booking

The host receives all reservation requests by notification and can access them from the profile on the Website and its Applications. S/He has 24 hours to validate or refuse the application. If s/he does not answer, the booking request will be rejected.

8. Beverage Price

The Host freely fixes the price of the non-alcoholic beverages. The Host agrees not to offer NNC Visitors alcohol under penalty of automatic Profile suspension and legal action on the part of Nok Nok CAFE.

9. Schedules

The NNC meetings can take place every day of the week from Monday to Sunday. Time at which Meetings start and end are left at the discretion of the Host. The Host can dynamically change the schedules on the Website and Applications.

10. Responsibilities

The Host agrees to respect the terms and obligations found in the current NNC Standard of Service which criteria are guaranteeing the proper operation of the NNC meetings meeting the expectations of Visitors.

In case of failure to respect one of the obligations found in the current NNC Standard of Service, the direct responsibility of the Host could be committed toward both Visitors and the Nok Nok Café inc. company. The Host is solely responsible for the NNC meetings held, the application of NNC Standard of Services, and more particularly for damaging consequences in the event of intoxication, sickness and other physical issues suffered by the Visitors related to the products served during the Meeting by the Host.
Similarly, only the liability of the host may be engaged in case of an accident happening to a Visitor at the Host’s home. Accordingly, it is for each guest to have an insurance policy covering civil liability and to ensure with the insurance company that s/he is covered for any accidents that may occur in the context of a NNC meeting. In the event where a NNC Meeting is held outside of a Host's home, it is the responsibility of the Host to make sure that this location has an insurance policy similar to what is mentioned above.

Service Standards

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