Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you CAREFULLY read Nok Nok CAFE Terms of Use to gain a thorough understanding of the service.

1. Is Nok Nok CAFE a paying service?

Registration on the Website and its Applications is completely free. When you book an NNC meeting, you can learn about the rates charged by the Host. There are no hidden fees.

2. What are the benefits of NNC booking?

When you book an NNC Meeting on the Website and its Applications, you are sure to be received by hosts selected for their sense of hospitality and service with a friendly beverage, creating a social atmosphere for exchange, both friendly and intellectual. Nok Nok CAFE allows you to choose your hosts based on different criteria, so that you can share a moment of cultural exchange around common interests (hobbies, sports, passions, travel, professional activities…). Nok Nok CAFE is the opportunity to discover a new art of living, to create privileged contacts next to you or at the four corners of the world and immerse yourself in the local culture of your hosts.

3. How much will a NNC Meeting at a Host cost me?

The Host sets the price of its menu, under certain conditions imposed by NNC. Prices are automatically displayed in the description of the Host.

4. When do I have to pay?

You must have purchased credits on the or its Applications. We require a minimum of $5 permanently on the accounts of our visitors in order to gain the trust of our Hosts. During the NNC Meeting, you can order beverages on site and pay with your credits. The amount is automatically debited from your credit balance and transferred to your Host. A history of your bookings and orders is accessible from your profile.

5. Is the online payment process secure?

Our payment partner Stripe is PCI-compliant certified. PCI is the global reference standard that guarantees the compliance of payment platforms to the most rigorous regulations for data security and protection. Stripe enables you to use the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Once the payment has been validated, your data is erased. This is why your private banking information is requested for each credit purchase.

6. How is my personal data processed?

Nok Nok CAFE applies The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Federal law (The Privacy Commissioner of Canada) on the protection of personal information that regulates private sector organizations. It establishes the basic rules regarding the treatment of personal information by companies in their commercial activities.

7. How do I book?

Search according to your criteria (place, time, menu) Select your Host. Select the number of guests. Directly book by clicking on the Book this Meeting button.

The selected Host will receive an alert informing him/her of your interest. S/he will have access to your Profile and accept your request. You will be notified of the approval and access the detailed profile and finalize the time of the Meeting.

8. How can I ensure me that my booking is confirmed?

Once your booking is confirmed by the host, you automatically receive a confirmation email. 24 hours before the date of the meeting, you and the host would receive a cross-validation reminder your meeting one last time.

9. How can I cancel or change a booking?

You can cancel your booking without charge up to 24 hours before the Meeting either by clicking on the link provided in the first email confirmation of your booking or upon receipt of the email reminder sent automatically 24 hours before the Meeting.

10. Can I leave a review on a Host?

After each meeting, we send you a survey about your Nok Nok CAFE experience to review your Host performance for the community.

11. Can Host serve alcoholic drinks?

Nok Nok CAFE does not recommend the serving of alcoholic drinks IN ANY CASE instead of NON-ALCOHOLIC hot beverages. No Host using the Nok Nok CAFE Web and Application platforms has a right to distribute, sell and resell alcoholic drinks.

12. Does the Host have to respect the standard of services?

The NNC Hosts must respect the Service Standards which are criteria guaranteeing the proper operation of NNC meetings and meet expectations of the guests.

13. How can I become a Nok Nok CAFE Host?

Anytime. There is a "Becoming a Host" in your "Visitor" profile. Click on it and follow the instructions to quickly and very simply organize social gatherings in the comfort of your home.

14. Do I have to become a "Barista" to be a great Host?

The passion for coffee and openness to others is all that it takes to be a great host. The Nok Nok CAFE community is made up of people who seek to grow to the contact of others and rediscover the right social values of sharing and simplicity.

15. Why does my Visitor profile need to be filled in before I can make a reservation request?

The good functioning of Nok Nok CAFE is based on the trust of users among themselves. To do this, it is important that the host can see the profile of the Visitor inviting him/herself to the home. Thus, a complete profile with photo brings the confidence necessary to the smooth running of the NNC Meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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